Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Who needs expensive toys when you have paper sacks?

Topper for baby shower cake-I made everything-all edible

Baby shower cake I made.

Today is Chinese New Year and it is the biggest (I think) holiday for the Chinese. It's a week long party! I've been trying to come up with ways to incorporate my children's heritage into our lives with food-yum. I ordered two really great cookbooks-one for chinese and one for festive Ukrainian cooking. So for this year, however, we're going out to eat tonight-yes, you guessed it-we're having chinese. Next year though I'd like to plan a special celebration dinner and cook it. Then I was trying to decide what holiday we could celebrate for Ukraine-this is more difficult. I thought maybe we could do it on his adoption day but I see "fairness" issues with that later. So I think we'll just continue with going out to eat-just our little family-and Cade gets to decide where. So that still leaves me in a conundrum. If we celebrate Ukraine Christmas, well that's January 7th and that's a lot of specialty cooking on my part in the month of January. I could do Easter, but it would have to be on Saturday as we have a tradition (3 years warrants a tradition right?) of going to the McFadden, Spitzmiller, Carlile bash after Church on Easter Sunday. So now what? I found another holiday we could celebrate on but the meaning, well, is not very appealing. A celebration of the Dead is not what I was really thinking, so that's out. What's your suggestion? (You can set up a google account with your normal email and then you can post your comments if you want).
I did a baby shower cake for someone in our Church this weekend. A very special baby, Bradie, was born very prematurely (24-26 weeks I think). She weighed 11 ounces and was the size of a dollar bill-so tiny-and had the fight of her life ahead of her. Well she is still fighting and I believe she is a little over 3-1/2 lbs now. She is at home now but has another surgery lined up next week, I think. Anyway, I was honored to do this cake for the family. What do you think?

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