Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sweet Sleep Mission Trip

I will be going on my first mission trip March 7-15, 2009. I am very excited about this and very nervous. I've never been involved in Missions on the frontline but rather more in the background. It's easy to offer prayers, financial support, etc. I used to laugh saying it's a good think God has never called me to do Missions because there is NO way I could do this-it is so far out of my comfort zone. Well, God really does have a sense of humor and he put it on my heart that this is THE trip for me.

Four of us from my Church will be traveling to meet up with another group and then spending the week in Orhei, Muldova building beds at a special needs orphanage for boys and then traveling to another orphanage to continue the work. Please go to this website to read all about this wonderful organization. You can even click on our trip.

I can tell you honestly that when I found out we would be working in an orphanage I just knew I had to find a way to get involved. My children's first homes were in orphanages so we were able to see first hand a child's life in an orphanage (at least at Cade's). Orphanage life is not easy and quite accurately seen as a "survival of the fittest" lifestyle. If you turn your head for a second another child takes the food, etc. At the end of the day, I believe that when God wraps these orphans in his arms, they should also be able to find comfort and rest on the bed in which they sleep. Don't you? When you go to bed tonight and tuck your children in please think about the video I'm posting and the children who do not have this luxury. We just take for granted the beds and pillows we sleep on. Don't all children deserve at least that? These are God's children and we must do what we can to take care of them as stated in the Bible-James 1:27.

I'd like for you to watch the following videos:

First and foremost, I ask for your prayers. God has called us to this very special Mission and I am confident that He will open the door for financial support. I must raise $2600.00 in order to participate. If you feel in your heart that this is a Mission you would like to support you can send a check to my Church and have them designate it to my account.
First Baptist Church
801 E. Main
Whitehouse, Tx 75791

However, this post is not really about raising money, please only do so if you feel it in your heart. We need your prayers that these children will feel the love of Jesus. The comfort and peace that only He can provide. And then at the end of the day they will find physical comfort in a bed made just for them. I can't imagine having so little and sleeping on the beds they do have. We are so truly blessed and I feel compelled to help these children, our children, God's children.

In Him,

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