Monday, January 5, 2009


I don't know a lot about blogging but I'm learning so things may change. So far it seems to be pretty user friendly! I'm so excited about this new blog. I feel this one just better represents our day to day life and of course, I feel free to talk about whatever I want! I would love to become a foodie but I just don't see it happening but I will post pictures of food and cakes I prepare of course. I took two weeks off over the holidays and the kids stayed home with me. I loved it!! Could I be a SAHM? I think I could, I enjoyed it so much. We had a wonderful Christmas! I am so blessed to have the family I have. Cade helped Jenna open her presents and she soon got into taking the paper out of the bags! She didn't work fast enough to suit her brother though. We stayed at home that day and I stayed in my pj's all day-it was wonderful! My mom came for the day-just a really simple but fun day. I haven't downloaded my pictures from Christmas or afterwards so I'll post those later. Please share this blog with those you know who were following our other website if they'd like to keep following. I'll warn you though, it won't just be about the kids so it might be boring for some!! A couple of pictures to keep you satisfied!


Jennifer said...

YEAH! You made it! I am so proud of you. I have got to get my pictures downloaded to my new computer. So, I can post my sweet babies too. Jenn

Carrie said...

Hurray!!! I am so glad you have your new blog up. I have been dying to see more pictures and hear what you are up to. How was your 1 year anniversary? We sure miss the Chongqing Hilton! And I am more in love with my girl everyday! I know you feel the same about Jenna Bean! Miss you all so much.


Shannon said...

Found you at RQ in the 12/2005 room. Love the pink leapord print background!!

Where is your daughter from? She looks a quite a bit like my Emily only with more hair! LOL Check out my blog if you want!

Lauree said...

Hey Shannon,
Jenna is from Chongqing (Liangping SWI). I will be checking out your blog-thanks! Lauree