Thursday, March 12, 2009

Farewell Ivancea, Hello Orhei

We left Ivancea yesterday and I will have to blog about that once I am home and can do so without breaking down. I had to say good-bye to Andy and I am heartbroken.  I will say that I think we did bond as he came around the building and the first thing he said was, "where's Laura?"  They all came running back to the van to tell me and of course, tears!  That's it, I can feel them in my eyes again.  So that will be saved for later.
Let's talk about today. We went to the special needs orphanage today and it was a life-altering experience. These boys are so cute and so wonderful. They are full of life and joy. They are so precious. We put 107 beds together and that is the most ever done in one day by about 40. I am exhausted. The whole team is wiped out today.  As soon as we arrived we were met outside by some of the older boys and they just hugged us and hugged us.  I was lucky enough to be able to go sit in the gym with Lannette and Jill at first to interact with the little kids.  They are so joyful, such unguarded happiness.  It was overwhelming as well.  Stuart did try to prepare us a little better last night about how they act.  One boy, not so litt
le, was so happy to see me he climbed up me but he was almost my size.  It was cute and the sweetest thing.  Jill had to help me however because I was about to fall over and we all know I'm 40, not 16 and it would've hurt tremendously! ha!  The older boys helped us and they just love touching us, hugging us, everything.  They love their picture taken just like the other orphanage.  I was touched today at the way the kids responded to their beds.  I have NEVER seen anything like this and it only convicts me more that we MUST do what we can to help the orphans-God said it and it's time we step up, don't you think?  

Make sure to read all posts on the sweet sleep website and Dan's.
  People are waiting to use the computer-we have 2 computers and 8-9 people needing to use them.  I will have a lot to post once I'm home.  We are doing great, we are having experiences that never would have occurred without our Church family, friends and family.  We will be forever grateful!  I never knew what it would feel like to actually feel like you are being a servant to God and answering His call to take care of the orphans.  There is nothing like it.

For those that missed the sweetsleep blog, John posted this picture after I went downstairs and when I opened it the next day he was in my post.  Of course I started crying.  This is Andrei (Andy) and a piece of my heart has been left at the Ivancea orphanage because of him.

Must go to bed!  May God bless you as He is blessing us!


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William said...

OMG! I am at a loss of words...and you know that is next to impossible!!! I am overwhelmed reading the blogs and can't get through them without getting teary eyed. I can't wait to hear the rest of the stories.....God is doing an amazing work the lives of those kids and all of you who are there! Alicia