Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Final Countdown

We leave in less than 48 hours. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Dan and Jill are already packed and I haven't even begun! Well, that's not true-I did pack my less than 3 oz bottles of liquids in my 1-quart bag last night for my carry-on. That's progress right? Oh, I washed all of my jeans too. Thankfully, I am off tomorrow. But my to-do list is looooong.

Update on Innocent: if you don't know what I'm talking about, please go back and read my February 26th post. He did not get to fly out that day, nor did he on a 2nd attempt. The Gov't stopped that flight (not because of him, but they don't know why). I believe another attempt will be made today. Please continue to pray for this precious little boy. I don't know what they are feeding him if there is no formula where he is. Carrie and Brian have been reassured that what is happening is par for course, so while it's not what you really want to hear at least they know this is not unique. Carrie and Brian really need our prayers-waiting is so stressful but for your child to be in living in the middle of a war-well I can't imagine the anxiety they must feel. Please continue to lift them up in your prayers. I need all my prayer warriors to lift this family up daily during their prayer time. Peace and comfort for them all.

I'm feeling a little anxious today-just leaving my family for that long. Weird thoughts continue to intrude...will Jeff REALLY miss me or just miss what I contribute to the family; will Cade miss me? Will Jenna miss me, will she remember me. Yes, I said weird but the thoughts are in my head nonetheless. It seems as if this is intruding and taking away from my excitement of the trip. I'm praying for focus because I've been so excited about acting as a servant to God and just being able to do my little part to help these children and show them love while I'm there. Okay, enough of the emotional stuff. Some details of our flights (Please pray over this itinerary as we fly on Saturday/Sunday and as we fly home the following Sunday).

United Airlines - UA 7519 DFW to Washington DC
Depart 12:01pm arrive 3:55pm Duration 2 hrs. 54min

United Airlines - UA 952 Washington (Dulles) to Frankfurt Germany
Depart 7:14pm Arrive 9:14AM duration 8 hrs. 1 min

Air Muldova - 9U 864 Frankfurt to Chisinau, Muldova
Depart 3:00pm Arrive 10:15am(Sunday) Duration 2 hrs. 35min

Sunday-March 15th (coming home)
Air Muldova - 9U 864 Chisinau to Frankfurt
Depart 8:40am Arrive 10:15am Duration 2hrs 35min

United Airlines - UA 941 Frankfurt to Chicago (O'Hare)
Depart 12:45pm Arrive 4:18pm Duration 9hrs 33min

United Airlines - UA 589 Chicago to Dallas
Depart 8:50pm Arrive 11:18pm Duration 2 hrs. 28 min

Whew. I'm tired of typing! We will be staying in a hotel Sunday night and someone from the Church will pick us up on Monday. You can follow my blog, Dan's blog or the blog on their website. We will be posting to all of those.

Please pray for God to be glorified through all of this and that these precious children can see God's work through us. See you in Muldova!


Jennifer said...

Oh girl! I will be praying for yall! I can not imagine how you are feeling. I am getting anxious about leaving my kids for WOF. :) Mainly Jolie because I have never left her before and she is a ummm...a little more needy. :) I know once you get there it will be such a neat experience. I know God will be working through yall.

Shawnstribe said...

praying for you guys((((hugs))))

Debbie said...

Lauree, you're looking good and ready to go in the 6am snapshot. I am praying for you and I know God is ready to show you some awesome deeds.
You will be such a blessing to everyone who meets you and what stories for your own kids that God will use in their lives. Hang in there Jeff will be a pro by the time you get home but I am sure he will be glad for you to take over again.:) the first day is always the hardest so we will really lift you up. love you and blessings to you and the team D. Mills