Friday, March 20, 2009

Hey Girl!

Just had to post this: This morning I went into Jenna's room to get her dressed and she jumped up while I was getting her clothes and I said, "hey girl." And she said back to me, " hey gir". She is really copying everything we say, such the chatter box. I love it.

One of our many cats likes to sleep in her crib at the bottom when she isn't in there of course. I'm always shooing him out. The other night we were in her room and Bogie was in "his" spot and she walked over to the crib, pointed her finger at him and in her stern voice said, "NO, OUT, NO GE (get) OUT!" She is a bossy little thing!

Cade does start his soccer games in 2 weeks (or 2 Saturdays), so back to being busy on the weekends...umm, wait, we're always busy on the weekends. Oh well....

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