Monday, June 1, 2009

The End of School

So much has been going on since Jenna got out of the hospital and my return to work. Busy, busy! Cade finished soccer, and it may even be the end of his soccer career-he says he doesn't want to play anymore. So much has been going on with him the last couple of weeks. His teacher called me and said his test scores came back and that his I.Q test came back high but his reading fluency came back low, she would like him tested for Dyslexia. I wholeheartedly agreed. I had wondered periodically if he might be but after talking with various people, the things he did was common in kids up to 7-8 years of age-meaning he could still possibly grow out of it. He's 9 and still has a problem. So we tested and he very definitely is dyslexic and will be in a pull-out class everyday next year called the learning lab(it's a 30 minute class). They start all the way back at the beginning and they re-learn the alphabet, the sounds and they also learn different ways to read words. Yea! I'm so excited for Cade. I've been researching and reading about this and what we can do to help him. I really don't want him to be uncomfortable or embarrassed about this. So I've explained it to him and I've told him things he could say when people ask him to read out loud (ex. "okay, but I need to tell you I have dyslexia so my brain processes words different so I will read slower")or something like that and to have confidence in himself. Dyslexia is much more than just a reading problem but you can definitely see it very quickly in reading ability. Also, the day after he was tested for dyslexia the Gifted and Talented teacher called to ask if I would let Cade be tested for her program. Okay, I do have to say I was a bit shocked! As I was telling her he failed 2nd grade last year, she was very nonchalant about it because he failed in reading and he's dyslexic. She didn't think it was a big deal at all. I was so proud for Cade. He has struggled all of his school years and to be able to tell him that the GT teacher called me to see if she could test him because his other scores came back high was something like a dream. His smile lit his face when I told him and when I told him he was indeed smart and that he could never, ever tell me again that he was stupid, well, he loved that and had to laugh. And then I explained again that his dyslexia is why so many things are hard but look at what he accomplished this year in spite of it. I'm so proud of him!

Jenna is doing great. Started in a new class at daycare today where she will also start potty training. No diapers. I brought lots of underwear and shorts and we will be washing every night. That's the way she likes to train and she thinks it's faster, soooo, okay then. I love her. Jenna is used to her because she would go over to her class sometimes when the other teacher left or something. She is loud, great with kids, and she's Asian. I was so excited when Jenna was placed in her class!

Sorry no new pictures, I have to dump my memory card!

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