Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day Back To School

Cade made it to school-1st day of 3rd grade. He was pretty excited. You'll notice in the pictures that Cade chopped his hair off. He wanted it spikey again. Broke my heart but I'll like it when it grows a tiny bit more. Jenna also wanted her picture taken, in one she basically ran into the shot while I was trying to take Cade's picture.
I got our I-600a application sent off to USCIS today. I paid to have it overnighted. So we are truly just waiting now. The next thing is for USCIS to send our fingerprint appointments and I'm praying that moves along quickly.

Still waiting on a picture of Cassie. Once the paperwork is gather on her, I believe they will start court proceedings. All of our paperwork is in DRC since the first baby.

We got Cade signed up for flag football this season and he is VERY excited about that. He wasn't upset about not playing tackle football at all, so that was a blessing for me.

I will post pictures of Cassie as soon as I get them, but I don't have any idea when that might be!

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