Tuesday, September 8, 2009

adoption update

Well, to begin with Blogger is not posting my pictures. This makes me extremely sad. :( So I'll post with pictures later.

Anyway, Jilma called yesterday and said she received our fingerprint appointment cards and we go on Saturday, Sept. 26th. (Mom, can you babysit-for real??) Anyway, I'm very excited about that-progress with USCIS! Also, when I asked her about the babies, she said,"Lauree, this is going to happen." She's very confident and the papers have been filed. So, YEA for us! Still need to get them out of there so they can start getting some much needed nutrition. The other baby boy in the orphanage will be adopted by this family, .(It's not posting the link either! try to the right on my bloglist-countdown to congo.) He is absolutely gorgeous and about 8 months old. It would be so great if we travelled together, but they already have their I-171h (approval from USCIS). But maybe as court moves along if ours comes in during that, it could be possible!


Carrie said...

Our I-171h came back much faster than we expected after fingerprinting. I think it was 30 days. So I think you'll get to travel together!

Chelese said...

We have all of our US paperwork done, but we need an extra document in DRC, so we will probably be on the same time frame! I hope we do travel together!