Tuesday, October 27, 2009

new pictures of Cloee

The Sullivans arrived in DRC and have their boys in their arms now! They took a couple of pictures of Cloee and expect to see her again to take more pictures! the pictures may be hazy because they couldn't get the computer to upload the pictures so Jamey took a picture of the computer screen! Hey, whatever works.

Stori says she's tiny! She took some 0-3 month clothes, I think, and she says they're too big.

Edited to add: Pastor Loma says she's VERY vocal! should fit right in with our loud family!


cami said...

I'm in love!

Carrie said...

So beautiful!!!! I'm all teary again!

Elissa said...

Oh my goodness, those big beautiful eyes... those big kissable cheeks... those adorable chewable lips... I bet you can't WAIT to get your hands on that precious baby girl of yours!! What a blessing to have these new pictures!