Thursday, November 5, 2009

Adoption, Halloween, Renovations

Time sure is flying these days. Halloween came and went. The kids had a great time going to our church for the fall festival. Jeff and I were attacked by very mean stomach bugs and so my mom came and took the kids for us. They had a grand time. I didn't even realize that when Cade said he would dress up as a football player, he and Jenna would match. He was a Longhorn football player and Jenna was a little Longhorn cheerleader. Her outfit was a gift from some friends back when we first adopted her.

We are doing some more remodeling to our house I guess you could say since we won't be moving any time soon. We live in what you could say is a "cozy" home. So with the addition of our 3rd child soon it will become even, well, "cozier." So we've decided to close in the garage and make a large playroom. So the picture below with Jeff is Stage 1 of the remodel. This is the very 1st thing we had to do in order to get ready and that was get Jeff a shed-doesn't he just look very happy. He has wanted his "own" shop forever and now he has one. There is a large walk-in closet thing in our garage that will now become my pantry/cake baking accessory closet and I have wanted one of these forever and now I will have one. It's a win-win situation. The remodel is scheduled to begin December 1st and we are so excited. It will add about 400 square feet to our "cozy" house!

The adoption is moving along very nicely. The adoption decree has been issued and now I believe we are in the final stages. What those are, who knows. Please be in prayer for this for us over the next week. These next few days are important. It's so hard to believe that Cloee will soon be home!


cami said...

The adoptioni decree has been issued?!?? YAY, that's fantastic news. Things are really moving along! :)

Best wishes on your renovations - we are also enjoying a "cozy" household going from 2 kids to 4. It's an adjustment for sure, but it will work out!

Enjoy your weekend!

Stori said...

We are praying so hard here!