Friday, November 20, 2009

And then there were five.

She is home and she is perfect. Cloee made it to the US on Wednesday morning and we spent the day and evening in airports and on airplanes-missed flights, delayed flights. I was grumpy, she was perfect! Just one pictures for now. We were at the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina and I was changing her into warmer clothes-it was very cold there. She started trying to talk to me and smiling. So very cute. We are trying to establish our routine-without much success. We've started another new formula and it seems to be sitting on her tummy better. I promise I will post more pictures in a few days!!


cami said...

I can't stop thinking about your family!!! Just makes me smile to think of little Cloee in your arms. Hope that all 3 kiddos are adjusting well. Can't wait to see more photos!

Elissa said...

Congratulations and praise God that Cloee is home!! Praying for everything to go miraculously smooth as you transition to life as a family of five.

Carrie said...

More pictures please!!! When will you guys be in our neck of the woods again? I'm dying to hold that little sweetie! And Haven says he wants to give her a smooch, too!