Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I can't believe it but it's know the one.  The infection that put my husband in the hospital and the one that put Jenna in the hospital.  It has hit Jenna again-it has hit her several times.  I've been to the emergency room since she's been in the hospital but it keeps coming back.  I took her in for what appeared to be an infected something (we knew that she was going to say it was MRSA-it looked that bad) and it was MRSA.  So Jenna's back on antibiotics.  Thankfully we caught it and have been catching it and treating it before it got so bad as to be sent to the hospital.  I'm just praying these antibiotics will get it out of her system.  The same day I took her to the doctor she had another one popping up on the back of her leg.  They both look better now, but really?

Went to dinner with the in-laws when they came in awhile back.  I do understand that our family looks a little different and typically the stares don't bother me.  Started with Jenna and increased with Cloee, whatever.  So we're sitting in a circular booth and there's a couple next to us.  The guy has his back to us.  We put Cloee in one of those sling things at the restaurant.    The guy saw Cloee then looked up to stare at me for a minute (I'm very good at watching people watch us :) ).  He tried, unsuccessfully, to turn to stare at the rest of my family, so he shifts the other way to get a glimpse at the rest of the family.  That wasn't quite good enough, so said dude turns and scoots his back against the wall and proceeds to look over all of us.  I did not say anything to him (Carrie, are you surprised?) because I knowwwwwww, we look a little different but really?

I joined a boot camp to try to get fit and healthy again.  It's at 5am in the mornings-I'm on week two.  I love it.  I don't think I have ever worked out this hard.  My normal days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday unless I'm at home then I'll knock out Friday and go on Saturday.  It kicks my butt, really!

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Carrie said...

Why didn't you say anything?!? It makes for much funnier Lauree stories! The kids are getting so old looking. And those chubby little cheeks on Chloee and just sweet as pie! Can't believe our girls are about to turn 3!!!!