Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dirty Laundry

This could go anywhere couldn't it? But I'm talkin' 'bout the real stuff-dirty laundry. I'm not a fan of washing, drying and folding clothes. So I try not to let it pile up for the weekend. Typically the weekend is when I take a break from laundry- but not always.

We have 5 people in our house and a ton of pet blankets. After trying many different ways to wash clothes, I think I finally found "the one." I've actually been doing this for quite some time. I do laundry room-by-room. This is working so great for me. Everyone has a hamper in their room. I limit myself to one or 2 loads a day (today, however, I'm on load 4-I included all of the blankets today). I never feel overwhelmed. Tomorrow is laundry day for the girls. I'm finishing up Jeff's today. It works for me.

Cade is 10, old enough to do more with his laundry. I bought him this very cool laundry sorter for his room and it has helped teach him how to sort. A wonderful $20 investment.

So, now that Cade can sort for the most part, he is learning how to do his own laundry. He already hangs up his clothes and puts everything away and brings the hamper to me when he sees it getting full. He has learned how to use the washer and dryer for his comforter/sheets and his darks. Next up, will be his lights. Once this is done, he will then be responsible for washing/drying/folding/hanging up and putting away his clothes. This is not a paid commission on his chart but rather a family chore that is simply done to help the family function efficiently. I do have to say he is learning this with a joyful heart and that makes me feel good.

Oh, sheets: I don't do these all on one day-ugh. I hate making up beds! But I'm down to 3 beds now not 4-woohoo! Do you have a laundry routine? I guess this could be a "works for me Wednesday" post! ha.


Carrie said...

How did you manage to lose a bed?

Lauree said...

haha Carrie-Cade now makes his own!! I don't have to anymore so his doesn't count. I was really waiting on someone to ask about that one. ha!!

Liz said...

I really try to have a system, but the truth is, unless I figure out a way to get off my duff & fold the clothes more often, no "system" matter how good....will work for me. ha ha!