Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

Wow, summer has been busy and I'm not sure why. I did get to help in VBS at our Church this year for the first time. I really enjoyed being involved. Keegan, Cade's cousin (they are both 10) came and stayed with us for that week and went to VBS also. By the end of the week, those boys were worn out (so was I!) They did lots of swimming and we went to Splash Kingdom one day. Fun times.

Cloee's top teeth are coming in. I've started feeding her more real foods. She always wants what we are eating and really gets mad if she is denied! But the biggest news is that she started walking this past Saturday while I was at the hair salon getting that gray washed out of my hair! She just gets so proud of herself and starts giggling then falls. She'll also stand and bounce, similar to Jenna's dancing and if she doesn't fall she just laughs and laughs. She still crawls mostly but there is more and more walking.

We start homeschooling in 2-1/2 weeks. I've finally got all of our supplies, including Jenna's. I've got the first couple of weeks planned out for Cade-I will plan out the rest each weekend. Jenna seems pretty interested so I've bought some Pre-K stuff for her to see if she's interested. I won't be doing anything formal with her but she really wants to do "school" so I'm preparing a couple of "workboxes" for her.

I'm looking for a name for my homeschool (for fun). I like "academy" at the end and I love acronyms so do you have any suggestions? We will be a Christ-centered Homeschool so I'm also looking to address that as well. Help me figure it out!

Let's see.....Our air conditioner broke a week or so ago and this week our washing machine quit.....I kind of wish we would get a break from our financial challenges for a little while! :)

That's it for now......Cloee wants food.....need I say more!


Liz said...

Lauree, we need to get our kids together. My girls would have a BLAST playing w/ yours & my 10yr old son would be thrilled to have another BOY to play with!!

Anonymous said...

Hi,I'm Chinese living in China,I love reading your blog and seeing those pictures. Your girls are gorgeous, you look after them well!