Tuesday, August 24, 2010

homeschool review

Thought I would share about what's going on at our house. The first week was H-A-R-D! I'm not sure what I expected but it wasn't anything close to what actually happened. By the second night I was crying and ready to throw in the towel. Instead I posted my frustration in a homeschool group on the internet and got some very positive responses and encouragement. So I tried a few things differently and prayed more often through the day. The second week was better, not great. Cade and I are adjusting to each other and we are trying to establish the right "mom" boundaries and where laziness comes in.

We are in our 3rd week now and I have added a pre-k friend to the mix, Miss K - she and Jenna are great friends. Yesterday was a struggle but it was because of Cade, so I had to really think about how to make this work-I knew it could but I had to figure out how to set up my house for a better plan. Today has been wonderful. Cade is in the playroom/schoolroom and the girls are in the rest of the house (living room, dining room and Jenna's room). I shut the doors to the "school room" and it has been fabulous. Cade and I are de-public schooling ourselves-me especially and the girls work at the kitchen table in the other room. Miss K and Jenna love going to school and I'm actually working on some pre-k stuff with Miss K-if Jenna wants to do it fine, if not that's fine too-she's only three.

I have a structured quiet time right after lunch-everyone goes into separate rooms. This is when Cade is required to do his silent reading then play quietly. Today, they have all fallen asleep! Quiet time really helps me, obviously-it refreshes me for the afternoon.

What about Cloee? She is everywhere, all of the time. She walks now and goes where she wants. I do try to keep her away from Cade when he is working. It actually hasn't been bad with her unless she wants my undivided attention when I need to work with Cade-it's not all of the time so we'll figure it out.

Exercise for Cade? He has just starting running around our neighborhood (I call it a dead-end neighborhood because all of the streets are dead-ends including the main one). He jogs in the morning before homeschool but after everyone has left for work to avoid fast drivers who are running late for work or school. Then before lunch he either dribbles the soccer ball or basketball up and down our street 3-5 times. He and I have started walking (with him jogging about 1-1/2 miles) several evenings a week. He starts soccer September 11th so there will be practices as well for exercise. Cade is a highly energetic 10 year old and needs to release this energy several times a day-I think we have found a plan that works and that he likes.

All in all, I'd say we're doing fine and it will get better with time. We will be going to school year round. Our summers are so hot here that he's just in the house anyway, so why not? Then we can take more time off when the weather is nice and we want to be outside.

That's it for now......

At The International Peace Gardens that separates the US-Canadian border. We got in but sure were worried about getting back out and into the US with my international family! We made it back to the US thankfully - whew!


Megan said...

What a cute picture! Way to keep perservering with homeschooling. You go girl!

P.S. The word I am having to type in to verify I am human is "pre booty". Hmmm... maybe add that to the spelling list. definition: what happens before the booty perhaps??? LOL!

Heidi said...

So excited for you and your little ones! It is a eldest was always a little more difficult then the youngers (thankfully off in college now). The youngest has always been homeschooled and has always been a sunshiney schooler (besides absentmindedly humming while working and disrupting the others.) :D

Like anything with our families, there will be great days, good days, blah days, and days we want to forget!

At the beginning of my homeschooling, my mother (a homeschooler) sweetly gave me a very helpful book for scheduling and organizing. It's called "Managers of Their Homes" by Steven and Teri Maxwell. I still use their ideas for making schedules (but on my computer that I print and laminate and also keep on my phone).

This was longer than I had planned, sorry! Just wanted to encourage and congratulate you all!!! :)

P.S. My word was "parbio". Definition: a sub-par understanding of biology. Nothing as funny as Megans! :D

Chelese said...

That is awesome! Good for you for perservering. We have been at it for a couple years. We have yet to find the balance that we have been striving for. Don't let that discourage you though, we are just uniquely unorganized I think! Our two older girls go to a homeschool support school two days a week which has been awesome and two of the littles ones go to a private Christian school (preschool and Kindergarten). This is working for us so far. Today is actually my day to sit down and get all my stuff together for school to start!

My word is "ougals" O U gals!!!!

Heidi said...

I Googled and found that they have a website! I haven't had a chance to look it all over, but I'll probably take it in little by little as time (and brain power) allows. Hope there's something there that is helpful!!! :)


P.S. Heehee Chelese! This time it's "gonsting". What southerners say when it hurts to go number one..."Thas is gonsting!"

Lauree said...

you guys are cracking me up! wonder what my word will be? Thanks for the encouragement! I sooooo need it!

My word is "ingeder" as in Swamp People: you's in geder territory now! bahahaha

Su said...


Su Soutter here. I am responding to your comment you left on my blog about the In This Home paintings. I am still making them as our son is not home from Ethiopia yet. It would be a joy to create a piece for your home. Email me at susoutter (at) bellsouth (dot) com and we can start talking details. I am eager to look around your blog and see if you have any posts with insight/suggestions about raising kids from 3 different countries. .we have a son adopted from Guatemala and now are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia so looking for advice from those who have gone before me :) Sorry so long a comment. . I could not find your email to email you privately.

Su Soutter