Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cloee Stats:

Cloee had her one year check up: She's healthy! These are the results:
Length: 82% ummmm, wow-we've never seen that before.
weight: 28% that seems low, but Dr. not concerned, said she's going to be tall and skinny-said she'll be our model. haha.

She is walking and trying to run; she eats our food and assumes she should get food every time someone else eats, even if she just ate; She can pick things up with her fingers, she says a few short words-dada, mama, ni-ni (night-night) and I'm sure there's other words but I don't understand her language yet; she loves music-bops her head and shakes her booty just like her big sister; She has several teeth and a bunch coming through-FUN times!; She is off the bottle and uses a sippy cup; loves to sing with you when you sing songs; she adores her sister and brother; she and Jenna chatter and laugh for hours at night (they do get in trouble at some point, I mean really, 11pm and they're still giggling and jumping around?); She is happy; She has a TEMPER; she doesn't like strangers; she prefers to be with me-attached to my leg, in my lap, arms-doesn't matter ;), she doesn't like to share (nor does her sister-I see fun times ahead with this); she is a thumb-sucker; She has the cutest gap between her top 2 teeth (I love it); she is a joy and I'm so lucky to get to stay home and raise her.

She is a blessing and I love her.


Heidi said...

Such a sweet, pretty little lady! :)

Shawny said...

So cute!