Sunday, October 17, 2010


2 cakes I made for this weekend.


Stori said...

Beautiful! What talent you have!

Liz said...

They are great! I know Jenn's family loved them!!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Lauree,
Do to spammers I am making my blog private, I am asking everyone that wants to follow to send me there e-mails, so I can send invites out :)


Anonymous said...

I sent it Lauree, let me know if you got it :)
Oh wow the spammers really hit my chat box, I took it off for the longest..

Kelly Joy said...

So cute! :)

Chelese said...

I so wish we lived closer to each other! These cakes are so cute and I need an Africa cake in two weeks and I'm not having the greatest luck in getting one!!