Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In # 2

Tuesday night is our meeting and weigh-in night. Drumroll please........okay that doesn't work on a blog.

~LOST 2.0 lbs

Yea me! I hit my goal of 5 lbs this week (actually 5.4 lbs, I claiming it all folks) so I got my first 5 lb star in the meeting! Yea me!

That's the only goal I made this week. I really need to set some goals I think I will achieve so I don't start feeling like a loser-that only works when "losing" weight-haha-okay I really need to go drink my coffee.

So let's set more goals for this week:

~Lose 2.1+ lbs (this will change the 2nd number in my weight and what a hoot that would be)
~Increase Vegetables by 2 per day (Oh my!)
~Exercise 3 x this week (might as well leave it up there.

That's it. Will try to post pictures of the kids tomorrow from field trips and Fall Festival.

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