Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In #3

Hmmmmm......thought about skipping this post but that defeats the accountability factor don't ya think?

~lost .2 lbs

I can't say how disappointed I was about this. It is a loss, I didn't gain any weight, yada, yada, yada......big stinking deal. When you really try and you follow the rules and this is what you get, well, pooh!

I did increase my vegetable intake this past week so I am happy with that. We learned last night that Weight Watchers is starting a new program on November 28th. At this point I can't be excited about that. I'm just learning this program and I bought the kit that includes all of the "Point" books, now I will have to buy the "NEW" kit with the new program.

Well, this certainly isn't an uplifting post about my weight loss journey is it? Oh well, that's life. I don't know what to do different. The speaker last night said people start dropping out at 5 weeks, I certainly understand why. I won't be dropping out; I'm going to keep trying but it's very disheartening when you have so much weight to lose and you lose .2 for a whole week.

So, today starts a new day and we'll just have to see how it goes........


Jennifer said...

I totally understand! When I exercised and still gained .4 last was UGH!!! I know it was not much, but still UGH!!! Please call me sometime today and explain the new program. I would miss something good! :)

Lisa said...

Hey Laurie! I know you're doing WW and not sure of that program, but when I lost all my weight the past couple years there were a few "tricks" that seemed to help when I'd be stuck or not losing what you "want." I would increase protein at times, I watched calories only and sometimes would slightly increase or decrease these accordingly to get my body going again and burning, and I would have a "high" calorie day each week. I started calories by multiplying my weight by 7 and then lowered as I went and modified as needed, when I got down a lot I was between 1200-1450 a day and then my high day would be 1800 or so. I also took fish oil as I heard that was really good for you and sometimes took green tea capsules too to aid metabolism. Hope some of these help! I know the frustration!