Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In

I noticed I have not posted anything since the last weigh-in. boring! I will post Thanksgiving pictures and other stuff later this week. Getting ready for a garage sale-fun times!

Weight Watchers started a new program this week called the PointsPlus so I'm looking forward to trying this one. Most fruits and vegetable are 0 points whereas on the old plan they did have a Points value. Interesting.

I gained this week. :(

~+ 1.6 lbs

I didn't really want to gain this week obviously, but I also didn't want to go over 2lbs because I knew I didn't do as good. I got lazy counting points and our treadmill shut down to be serviced. The treadmill is now fixed and today starts a new WW week for me. Wish me luck and motivation-I need it.

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Miss Jenny said...

Cute picture! At least you have a great sense of humor. I'm sure a few pounds will magically melt off this week. :) Does your homeschool have physical education? That might help. Learn about a new sport and teach them. Might be fun (at least they can have fun laughing with/at you, if nothing else)! Ooh, maybe you could focus on sports that are popular in the countries the kids were born in!!