Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

Some pictures from Christmas. We had Christmas without Santa this year and it was a huge success! The kids were still enchanted by the presents and excited about the day. Jenna never mentioned Santa, not once. She did a couple of weeks before Christmas. We had already decided we would neither confirm nor argue about the truth. There was already a small "belief" there and we would simply change the conversation after saying something like "you think so?". Our lives never missed a beat and they missed out on nothing. Even with Santa everywhere, I thought it was amazing how little it was brought up in our house. Every commercial had Santa in it because he is the marketing tool of the Christmas season and the only thing Jenna would say was, "that's Santa". We still watched "Santa" movies and "rudolph"-they are just movies with fake characters as are all other movies. It was never an issue. If you don't make it an issue, then it doesn't become one.

We didn't make a "happy birthday Jesus" cake-maybe one year we'll start doing that. My mom's birthday is Christmas Eve and I just don't want all of that cake in my house! We made a sugar-free cake for my mom (tasted pretty good) and Jenna decorated the whole thing, except for writing the name, but she did tell me what she wanted on there. She was so proud of herself! You'll see a picture below.


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