Monday, January 17, 2011

Homeschool - 2nd semester

We began our new semester a couple of weeks ago and I have discovered something about myself....I just don't like History. Maybe it's this course (which we won't be using next year). It is a struggle for me to do this class with Cade, poor thing.

We are moving right along in school and Cade still seems to like all of his classes still. I am looking at 5th grade curriculum now, I think we're are going to finish in May and he wants to go ahead and start 5th grade so we'll start that in June. We are still planning going year round. It gets so stinking hot here in the summer-the neighborhood kids don't even come out to play until the evening, so why not??

I'll be changing our whole curriculum I believe, except Grammar and Handwriting. I'm seriously looking into "My Father's World" for 5th grade. One of my friends is using it and seems to like it.

Our day is super relaxed. The kids wake up on their own and then Cade does his morning chores and maybe some exercises to help get rid of all of that stored up energy!! Breakfast then school starts. Since that seems to work, we'll probably keep that up until a problem is noticed. I don't designate time periods for school. Cade does the assignment until he is finished and then moves onto the next class. If he needs a break in between classes that's fine-usually he will complete one of his chores at this time. He does have free/quiet time after lunch which is used for a variety of things. So far that works for us and he still gets done at a reasonable hour. If it stops working, we'll change it.

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