Saturday, March 26, 2011

Organizing - Corner in the Master Bedroom!

This job this week was pretty tough. I let Jeff pick what area I should de-clutter this week again. This area in our bedroom used to be the home of our computer, until we remodeled the garage. Unfortunately, before I found the perfect bookcase for the area, it became the holding ground for....everything. Don't know where it goes, throw it in the corner. Needs to be put in the attic, throw it in the corner. Too lazy to put the vacuum up, throw it in the get the picture, right? I found something I've been looking for since we moved here in April 2002, yes you read that right. I would never have guessed it was where I found it. I'll save it for the picture.


A whole box of too small shoes.

Making a little headway.

At the bottom in the corner, a box that has not been unpacked since we moved here. Note it says "Master Bath"

Everything in the box-clearly not just master bath stuff!

This is kinda pretty- a wedding gift from I don't know who. Not really my style now.

What in the world were my wedding pictures doing in this box?? I have been looking for those since we moved 9 years ago next month! I had given up hope. And yes, I quit working for awhile as I looked through these pictures I hadn't seen in 9 years! BTW, I sure was skinny back then!


Now, I know me and this cannot remain empty like this, so it is very important that I find a used bookcase to my liking so I can put it there and not fill it with miscellaneous junk again!

I'm linking again to OrgJunkie's 52-week organization challenge. So, go check out what others are doing!


Liz said...

Way to go!!!!!!! I have many of those "corners" in my house!

The Bearded Iris said...

Hi! OMGosh I love your story. Great idea to let your husband choose the next spot... I am totally going to do that. My poor husband... that's all I have to say.

You kicked that corner's butt, girl. And your wedding portrait is gorgeous. You must be so happy to have found it! Congrats!

Mary said...

Yeah for the lost wedding photo!

My master bedroom is my dumping ground too ... it seems to be clutter's last stand most days! We just got new bedroom furniture, so I'm totally motivated to get an organizational system in place, because I don't want my room to be the junk pile any longer!

God job!

Anonymous said...

LOL...honey you got your hands full. I am so glad you found your pictures and like Iris said, you are gorgeous. One day at a time....