Saturday, April 9, 2011

52-Week Organization Challenge-My side of the bed

This past week I cleaned my side of the bed. I'm very sad because I thought I took before pictures and I didn't!! Ugh! I went around the house and took pictures of my ever-consuming clutter that I can't seem to get a handle on. So let's see if I can give a visual. As you look at the pictures, try to visualize the area around my bedside table completely stacked up with books and an assortment of junk. Then alongside under the window were a line of cute storage bins filled and overflowing all over the floor with papers, magazines, kid stuff. Then heading toward my bathroom were more plastic bins and a box of garage sale stuff. I emptied everything, threw most of it out, found homes for the rest. The paper in the corner is for a coconut tree I was cutting out for the playroom for a school project. It's very empty on that side now and I keep thinking I need to put something under the window but that will just clutter it up again. So it will remain empty for the time being. This took me all week. A much bigger job than it appeared. That and the fact Cloee was recovering from RSV then I got sick. Fun times at our house. This next week I won't be doing a big clean out other than cleaning the house and the playroom. We're having a birthday party here next weekend so I need the "seeable" areas presentable. haha. But, don't worry, the playroom is a DISASTER. So you will get before and after pictures!

Linking up to Orgjunkie this week. This is such a fun challenge-I'm loving it and so is my husband!!


Wendy said...

Okay! My side of the bed is clean! WoooHooo! It has been for a while though. So I guess I don't get Brownie points for that. LOL Still inspired by your posts though!

Anonymous said...

I'll just picture my side of the bed as the before..hahhaaha. Good job!

Miss Jenny said...

We FINALLY cleaned out the garage last weekend. It's such a great feeling to get rid of junk and trash and have a new, clean space! I totally need to tackle the fridge today. It's my Monday off so we'll see how much I can get done. Thanks for the post.

Jennifer said...

Good Job Lauree!!! You are doing such a great job organizing!!! I know Jeff is thrilled with this new found love too. ;)