Friday, April 1, 2011

Organization Challenge-A corner and a fridge

This week has been a challenge for me and I did not accomplish what I intended. I did get a couple of small things completed. I thought I'd share why I ask my husband to pick the next area to organize. It's simply because I'm horribly unorganized and a clutter maker. Jeff.... is not. He tends to be more on the OCD side and my clutter issues drive him insane. (I love you honey!) Our clutter battles needed to come to an end and I thought if I included him in the decision making process this would help him also. He could pick and choose, the very worst or something not so bad but bothering him. However, when I asked him this week, he said, "I don't know! You're doing such a good job." He did pick my side of the bed. I did not get that completed. :( sorry honey. That will be for next week. Cloee came down with RSV Wednesday and cleaning, organizing projects, and pretty much everything else has come to a halt. Cloee is velcro baby this week so my priorities had to shift.

I did get two smallish projects completed: Our fridge in the kitchen and a corner in our playroom/schoolroom.

I don't have a before picture of the fridge. It was a spur of the moment thing when I heard a "grumble" come out of my husband when he opened the fridge. :) The last two times I have been grocery shopping I did not clean out the fridge. Imagine food stacked to the very front in layers and not being able to see what's behind the front items and if you move them then a whole bunch of stuff would fall out-that would be my "before" picture. Jeff was so impressed when he came home!

Again, I'm linking it to orgjunkie this week! look for her 52-weeks challenge blog entry.


Wendy said...

Okay, my desk and office are still a huge mess. So far behind on this organization stuff. But, as you know, we have been busy. :o(

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, hope DD is better. Every little bit helps so hang in there.

Martha (MM) said...

Good luck continuing the challenge. I think it's fun and motivational to be doing this as a group. Thanks for stopping by. You have a beautiful family! I'm a new follower :-)