Friday, April 22, 2011

Organizing....The Playroom (52-weeks Challenge)

This is actually last week's project-I took this week off from projects. Jenna's birthday was last weekend and I really needed to get the playroom in order. I organized the toys (got rid of a lot of stuff-shhhh). I've printed pictures to laminate on each of the boxes that toys are in-Barbies, baby dolls, kitchen, misc, etc. My rule now is one box at a time, then put it up and get another box if so desired. I just can't keep up otherwise. So far it seems to be working. I do see a few toys that aren't in their proper place as I type this so we'll fix that today.

I needed the break this week and feel refreshed and ready to get back into it.

Next week, I think I'm heading back to our bedroom again. I will be so glad when that room is done!! Don't forget to head over to orgjunkie's website and checkout what others are organizing!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a GREAT playroom, Lauree! I love how you got rid of stuff on the sly... smart lady. I always cave when my kids catch me tossing their junk. Why do they always want to keep the junkie stuff they "won" from the treasure chest at the dentist and toss the expensive toys Grandma sends? It makes no sense!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

Hi! I have a terrible time organizing and I'm lost on it right now. How does the 52 week thing work? Would love to know. :)

Lauree said...

Hi Jenny! Check out Her name is Laura and she started the Challenge, you can find it in the tabs at the top of her blog. It's wonderful!!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

Thank you! I am looking at it. Just not sure if I should start where they are catch up. Hmm.... :) Thanks for your reply.

Anonymous said...

I love the playroom, especially the kitchen. My granddaughter and neighbor's little girl love theirs too! Great job!