Monday, June 18, 2012

Track and Field-Temple

Cade has joined the HEAT. Home Educated Athletes of Tyler. He just finished his first year of track. The following pics are of the big track meet in Temple. I met so many nice families. What Jeff and I both noticed is that the kids congratulated EVERYONE after each race. They patted the winners and losers on their backs. They talked to them. They encouraged each other and others on different teams. We have NEVER seen this before and were more than a little shocked. This is the way sports should be. The kids all made new friends, played in the sand, picked flowers, had a picnic on the sidewalk. One other major thing we have noticed is that age doesn't matter in friendship. The older kids (boys AND girls) talked to Cade, included him, everything! It was so nice to see. It was great actually. These are Christian kids that Cade can really look up to and we love that they include him.

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