Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We've Moved!

The last few months have brought about some major changes-the biggest being our move to Houston. Jeff accepted a much better position at a different company. We actually thought we were moving to Austin. Sometimes it is soooo funny how God works things out. Jeff interviewed in Austin, Houston wasn't really on our radar. The day they called with the offer, it was an amazing Houston. We have never looked back. It was very hard to leave all of our friends and my mom in Whitehouse. I was terribly worried about our 12 year old son, Cade, who did not want to move. I was nervous about leaving my mom-we've never lived more than an hour from each other. :) But God has worked it all out. Cade immediately made friends in our new neighborhood and has been very happy. We are visiting a Church that our kids LOVE. Especially Cade. It's a small church with an even smaller youth group. Apparently this is right up Cade's alley. Our Wednesday nights at our old church were too big for him. This is a much more intimate setting and he is thriving. Who knew!! We've beeing going on regular playdates on Fridays and the little kids really look forward to that. Luke gets to hang with other little boys which I love. His sisters can be a bit overwhelming at times. :) I've been trying to get Cade into track but that's not working out like I wanted so far, so he may have to play soccer. He suggested it and as long as he's active, we don't really care. We'll be putting Jenna back in gymnastics soon, that's where her heart lies. Homeschooling is going great and even better for me since we have our dedicated classroom. I much more organized this way. We turned the formal dining area into a classroom. Jenna will finish Kindergarten this year and Cade will be heading to Jr. High. Time continues to march on.

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