Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Seasons of change

We have started back to school.  Made the official move to year round schooling.  This allows us a great deal of flexibility when we want to take time off.  It's so hot in Houston in the summer so why not do some school so we can take time off when the weather is nice?

Cade's schedule this year (7th grade):

~Horizon's Pre-Algebra.  I LOVE Horizons math.  And apparently I forgot I really like Algebra-for real!

~Switched on Schoolhouse (SOS) - Language Arts.  SOS is computer based.  LOVE it.

~SOS - Bible

~SOS - History & Geography

~Apologia Science - Swimming Creatures of the Fifth day.  He really wanted to take this class and I've planned some fun fieldtrips.

~Writing - Can't find it right now.  Oops.

~Art/Nature Study

Cade runs 3 days a week- typically M, W, and F.  Basketball tryouts are in September-hopefully he will make the team.

Jenna's schedule this year (1st grade):

~My Father's World - 1st grade.  This is a complete curriculum that covers all classes with alot of wonderful read alouds also.

~ Science:  This is included in MFW but she will also participate with Cade in Apologia.  I think she will enjoy the projects and science experiments.

~  Nature Study will also be included and she has her own sketchbook.

~Her PE consists of playing outside with her friends everyday and walking around the lake.

Daddy doesn't know this yet but I really want to have our science experiments on the weekend and for him to lead them.  I will get all of the stuff ready and he will just conduct it.  I think all of the kids will enjoy watching them.

Other changes:  My blog.  I think about it everyday.  I feel like I'm headed towards closing it down.  Sometimes I think I will post once a week but right now that even seems alot.  So, rather that closing it down, I think I will just take a hiatus for a period of time.  Not sure how long.  When I come back I'm sure I'll link it up to facebook.




Nikki said...

We're going to start school back in a couple of weeks, too. One of them many benefits of homeschooling! I've heard really good things about MFW; have you used it before?

Sue Larsen said...

I have enjoyed your updates, Lauree, but I can understand your thoughts on shutting down... As long as you stay on Facebook, it will be okay with me.... I keep thinking that I just don't know how you do it, with the homeschooling, and 4 kids, and all their activities. I admire you and Jeff so much! Sue :) said...

I hope you don't stay gone long! I saw your FB post & to be honest that is exactly why I got rid of my personal Facebook. My thoughts were can I make this a FB status. That's ALWAYS where my mind was! It was like a weight was lifted when I finally pulled the FB plug! My mind no longer felt consumed but free! Blogging allows me to express myself & share my creativity without getting caught up with everything that FB entails. I don't allow it to consume me like FB did.
I totally get where you are coming from..but maybe you can just decide to do it like once a month...or quarterly. But don't shut it down! You never know where you will be in a year. Another thing...maybe allow Cade to blog some. That would be so cool!