Monday, December 30, 2013

Word for 2014:


  definition:  Done in a way that is planned or intended.  I also saw on another definition that it meant purposeful.

I thought about a focus word last year but never did anything with it.  This year I am.  I prayed about what God would have me focus on.  I ran through a list of words but they only covered that specific area....I needed more.  Then "discipline" stayed awhile.  But even more than discipline, my life needs to be more "intentional."  I feel like I sort of lost my way in 2013.  Nothing major, just little bits and pieces here and there throughout the year.

Mom guilt seemed to attack me more often.   I couldn't get or keep my house clean, couldn't get or keep my health under control (weight included).  I couldn't keep my daily walk with God on the forefront.  My parenting skills went down the toilet or I hit a wall and became a screamer, a yeller, no patience, no tolerance for kids asserting their independence. I lost control of my life.  There was no purpose.....nothing planned.... nothing intended.

2014  will bring purpose, plans and most of all-an intentional life.

First up because without no other can succeed.  My daily walk with God has been planned and implemented.  It is intentional.  If this is not in place I might as well give up.  My life has felt out of control because I tried to take back control this past year.  And that never works.

Second up, my health/my weight.  The two go hand in hand.  I am armed and ready to tell the doctors what I want.  I'm tired of them telling me to do this and do that, when it has NOT helped.  They will change a few things and I will handle the eating and exercise.  People, when you have a thyroid disease research everything!  You are not fat just because.  It is harder to lose weight, feel energetic and be happy, happy, happy.  Get the doctors to actually hear what you are saying, do something about it then get yourself in check!  Time to get intentional with my physical health.

Third up, my parenting.  I have been such a "reactive" parent this past year.  Talk about failure. That ever present guilt strangles me some times.  I must be more intentional in giving them over to God-more.  Pray over them more.  Our days must be planned with purpose.  I must let go of Cade.  I must give Jenna more responsibilities.  I must give more understanding and structure to Cloee.  I must give more structure and discipline to Luke.  I must parent with intention.

And there you have it.  Do you have a word for 2014?  Care to share?


mommydidit said...

You my friend have given me goose bumps . Reading your words and feeling the same feelings has enlightened me to make some of the same changes you are speaking of .
My word will be purpose.
Live , love and parent with purpose.

Love ya

Nikki said...

Good for you, best of luck!

Nikki - blog design to support my work in India, fostering 7 children with special needs

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog