Thursday, January 29, 2009

A sign of the times

I just found out our adoption agency that we used for both Cade and Jenna is closing. My heart breaks for them as I know they are devastated. They were a smallish international agency and it seemed as though all of the countries they were with were closing their programs and with China coming to an almost standstill. I wondered a long time ago how the China slowdown would affect their business and then Vietnam closed and several other countries. I just didn't know how they could stay afloat but they did. But not anymore.

I feel a sense of loss over this, does that make sense? These people were instrumental in helping create our family. Every time I had dealings with them they were so nice, so friendly, so helpful. They added that "personal touch" that so many agencies lack (from stories I've heard). I liked our agency. I will miss the annual reunions, sending in pictures of the kids, everything. I worry what kind of impact this will have on Nelson in China and Yura in Ukraine-our facilitators/translators, etc in Country. But even more so, I'm devastated for the current clients. What will this mean for them? How scary for them. International adoption is full of challenges and issues, you depend on your agency. I hope and pray they are able to place them with other agencies. I hope and pray they don't lose money already invested and possibly the dream of a child. And knowing the people as I do, I know they will do everything within their power to help their clients.

They will be deeply missed, not just the agency, but the family as well. It is the end of an era that I'm so thankful to have been a part of and so thankful they were the ones to help create our forever family. I pray God will bless them and help them find peace and comfort.

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