Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Can't get anything by my boy!

Yeah, he's one smart cookie! I made a new recipe last night and at my house if you don't tell the truth about a new dish then you most likely will get it again. So my boys speak up when they don't like something.

So, I made this hamburger biscuit bake-very simple. But I changed a few things. So Cade was eating it-no family meal last night-and I ask him how he likes it and he gives me the thumbs up sign. I gave him two biscuits off of the casserole and that's what he was eating with the meat. He asked for another biscuit and I said, "no, just finish the rest first." So he sits there for awhile and I ask him what's wrong. And he replies, "I don't mean to be mean but this meat is NASTY!"

I almost hit the floor laughing. I told him he did not have to finish it which earned me a "who are you" look. So, my recipe change, if you haven't guessed, was the "fake" meat-the veggie crumbles. My boy is a "MEAT-eater" and he knows his "cow". (Jeff wasn't overly excited either). Ah well, I tried.

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Dan McBride said...

Way to go "Men" of the Solberg household for speaking up.. How dare mama solberg try to feed you fake meat...