Thursday, January 8, 2009

Zucchini, Hannah Montana, and Barbie

First, a couple of pictures of the kiddos for those not really interested in the other part of this post. ha.

Jenna likes Cade's new guitar

Cade with his new bean bag and new football gloves

I think I may have figured out the whole picture thing. yippee! This post is about food-yummy! I made a fantastic zucchini lasagna and it was so easy! This is for you Hannah and you could really make this for your mom and dad. It was positively yummy! I've made 2 birthday cakes in the last month and as you can see I used the airbrush technique on both. I really would like an airbrush machine for my cakes-that would definitely have to be on a "wish" list. However, I used the Wilton sprays and they were good also. When the Hannah Montana napkins and plates were added around the cake it really added a lot to the cake but I didn't have my camera when that was done.

Barbie and The Diamond Castle

Zucchini Lasagna-yummy!

Hannah Montana

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Alicia said...

I've followed your journey since you adopted Jenna. Our good friends Carrie and Brian were with you. I just wanted to say hi and let you know that your family is beautiful! You are very blessed. Looks like you are a great cake decorater too! I will check back a I love to read others blogs! Happy New Year!