Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and Cake

Easter was wonderful! Jenna was really into it this year just as Cade is slowly fading out of it-well, he'll never fade out of getting candy and junk but you know what I mean. Jeff worked in BLAST which is the kids church and I worked in the nursery with the babies yesterday. Then we got to enjoy another party put on by the McFadden, Spitzmiller, Carlile bunch but this year it was held at the church because it was supposed to rain and boy did it. But by the time the kids were to hunt eggs, the sun came out so they were able to hunt them outside. Jenna was so excited and even found a few! Of course, I had to get my friend Stephanie to take some picture's of Jenna's first real easter egg hunt because I had left my camera at home-smart, I know.

I plan on finishing up our application for our adoption tonight and having Jeff sign the paperwork and then hopefully mailing it in tomorrow. At this moment, I'm not in a huge rush because Jilma is crazy busy with this next group going in just a few days!! Yea Carrie and Brian!! So we won't even be talking with her again until she returns. So we really don't know anything about timeframes or anything at this point. But we really do appreciate all of the support everyone has given us-the phone calls, emails, conversations, the cake orders! ha!, etc. Once the application is turned in we'll just wait for Jilma to return from Africa so you won't hear anything for awhile but then we'll let you know as soon as we do.

Easter Sunday

Just discovered the baskets of treats

She's not annoying on Easter morning

Special treat in his basket

1st thing-running when she saw her basket!

for Emmy's birthday-all proceeds for baby#3-ha!

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