Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Drumroll please..........

It's official....I've been on the phone.....we're starting adoption #3......God has put this on our heart for quite some time. Where are we headed?


To be exact: The Democratic Republic of the Congo

I am so happy and thankful that Carrie and Brian brought to our attention the plight of the orphans in this country. Five million orphans in Congo due to famine, disease and war. The atrocities the little girls and women have to face are severe, humiliating and deadly. The rebels use women and little girls as weapons of war. Naturally, hearing this, Jeff and I knew, if God wanted us to have a 3rd child, we felt it would be from here. God has been speaking to us and opening our hearts so here we are-a multicultural family we'll soon be for sure!

We are so excited about this new journey and a little scared too. But we are in awe at the messages that God has been sending to us that yes this is His will.

So, if you want to know how you can help, buy a cake from me! :) All money from my goodies will be going to baby #3! We're also going to be having a garage sale in May or first part of June so if you want to donate any garage sale items that would be awesome too. :)

I'll be sending in the first part of the paperwork this week or on Monday. We'll be having a telephone conference with Jilma with Our Family Adoptions once she returns from Congo where 5 families will be finalizing their adoptions, including our wonderful friends Carrie and Brian!!


Carrie said...

I should be filling out adoption paperwork, but I had to take a break and check your blog. I am in tears right!!! I am so happy. I know that God brought us together in China so that he could make important things happen in Congo!!! Your family is such a blessing to our family! I am so happy that our Chinese/Congolese children will be growing up together in Texas!!! All my love and prayers,


Stori said...

I am so excited about your family's new decision. We are working with Jilma too. And hope to bring home a new little one or two from the DRC in August. Good Luck on your fund raising. Wish I lived closer and I would buy some cakes from you!

Lannette Burlingame said...

Lauree...I am so happy for you guys!!!! You know that we will do anything we can to help you! In fact, Mackenzie's birthday party is coming up in a couple of weeks. Are you interested in giving me a quote on a luau cake?:)
We would also love to sit down and talk with you some more about the ins and outs of the adoption process. You know that this has been on my heart since our trip to Moldova! Mike and I are seriously starting to consider the possibility...we are praying about it and we will see what happens...
Love you!!! Lannette:)