Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Little Family Fun

Time to turn off the tv, cell phones and get out of the house. Last Sunday we went to the park-it was so beautiful outside! They have a paved trail so we went walking and then Jeff and the kids played a little football. It was nice to just slow down and do some fun family stuff. We don't get to nearly enough these days with everyone being so busy on the weekends. It was over much too soon and then back to a busy Sunday evening!

Cade's getting ready for his spring musical at school and his fundraiser at Church in May to help raise money for camp. He's so excited because this will be his first year to attend. I'll be going as well, but he won't have to room with me so he should have great fun rooming with other boys. He has also been invited to be in the Yesteryear celebration in Whitehouse, so family will definitely want to mark their calendars for the July 31st weekend! He will be in a tuxedo and dancing a waltz with a young lady. It is an all weekend affair. There's a pagent and a ball and a parade-busy, busy days. Including waltzing lessons!

Jenna is just amazing us with her speech. Everyday it's new words, new sentences, new expressions. She is also such the helper-unloading the dishwasher, clothes, groceries. However, I'm not sure if I like what happened this morning: I was getting her dressed and putting on her socks and "daycare" shoes and she said, "No" and picked up her sandals and said, "these, mama." I kept trying the daycare shoes and she kept saying, "No." So, I gave up and asked, "do you want to wear your sandals?" And she started shaking her head up and down laughing- oh boy.....

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Jennifer said...

Oh, I love these moments! And, I hope that Jaelynn is the one he ends up waltzing with. :)