Thursday, April 23, 2009

Updates on life

Just a few pics for today. Cade had his Spring musical at school. They were all so cute! Jenna celebrated her 2nd birthday last weekend. It's so hard to believe that she is already two. Even harder to believe that Cade turned 9 in March! WOW! We had a very small party for Jenna at the park. I forgot to send out invitations so if you didn't get one I apologize-just not on top of my game right now. I will plan better next year.....hopefully! Family came, at least I did remember to tell them and then I texted a couple of friends. But it turned out cute. The wind nearly blew us and the cake away! Those pictures will come another day. I've been very busy with cake orders to raise funds for "Cassie". Yes, we've pretty much decided to name her after either my great-grandmother or great-great gm. I'll have to look at my baby book again. Already I have raised almost $250.00 so that more than covers the application fee which is $200.00. Yea!!! If you'd care to sponsor Cassie in this adoption feel free to make a donation! :) Also, we will be setting up an account with Our Family Adoptions so people can officially donate should they want to. I'm excited that I've made this much money on my cakes! But I have been soooo busy! But that's totally okay if it means bringing little Cassie home sooner!

Cade and Keegan helped decorate Jenna's cake!

Jenna enjoying donuts on her birthday-yum!

Not too crazy about getting stuff on her hands though

Cade and his "very special" friend at the musical

Cade performing-he's good at that!

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