Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cakes and updates

still unsure about the whole bday party thing

But all better when the bubbles came out

Jenna's cake-Dora

Jenna and Cade having a tea party and coloring

Hello Kitty Cake
Basket with red velvet cake truffles

Made for a Manager's employees.

I mentioned that I would be baking cakes and treats to sell in an effort to raise money to adopt a little girl in Congo. I had business cards made and thanks to Jennifer C. my business is called, "Sweets for the Soul." So, for April I raised $244.00 towards our adoption. I was very pleased with this! The application fee was $200 and so the cakes covered that leaving me $44.00 going into May. I have 3 orders so far in May.

Jilma, who basically runs Our family Adoptions, emailed me on her way home from Congo while she was in the Dulles Airport. Lord, does she ever just stop??? I was so excited to hear from her though. She wanted me to call her this week if I wanted to talk about the process some more so I'm trying to be REALLY patient and wait until later in the week so she can catch up at work, with family and with sleep. I emailed her back and let her know I had emailed her the application and fee. Brian and Haven get to come home on Sunday! Yea! And the first group is back home now and you can read about one of the families in the blogs I follow.

Jeff and I both are pretty set on the name "Cassie"-my mom told me it was my Dad's grandmother's name. Jeff LOVES the name and is already calling her that! So there you go!

I had an MRI done on my knee this morning. Guess I'll find out the results at the Dr. next week. If I end up having surgery because I was ignorant enough to play volleyball in another country on a hardwood floor, I will NOT be happy! Oh, there's a prayer request: I will not have to have surgery! Please!

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Carrie said...

The cakes are gorgeous and I love the company name. It is sure to help bring "Cassie" home sooner!!!