Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some adoption news

Swine Flu is not a kissing disease, feel free to let your kids lick pigs

Go, Mrs. Lannette, you do that Chicken Dance!! You knew the picture was coming!

My cake project is doing fantastic. God is really blessing this endeavor which just reinforces my belief that we're headed in the right direction. So far this month I have 9 orders!! People are really trying to help get Cassie home. yea!!!

And speaking of home....Haven is home over at Amazing Grace and a Safe Haven if you haven't checked out their blog lately! Check it out today because they have the most amazing "mugshot" of Haven! He is soooooooo cute! What a little prince!

I spoke with Jilma last night on the phone. This process has started and the ball is rolling-fast. We are collecting our documents and looking for a social worker to complete our home study. Please be in prayer that we find one fast. Jilma did say the orphanage had lots of younger kids this time but that's all we talked about. She said we would be talking a great deal over the next 6 months!! So, I'm in the process of building our 3rd dossier.....I never dreamed this would be happening but man, oh man, thank you God that it is! I already have half of the documents which is insane! Hurry, hurry, hurry so we can wait, wait, wait! ha!

Great news: I got the MRI results back on my knee-no surgery! No miniscal (sp?) tear. I do have a lot of bruising and fluid. So I got a lovely injection and it hurts pretty good right now. I go back in 6 weeks and if the fluid isn't better then he'll do a scope (not sure if I said that right). He said the bad news was that this can take 3 months to heal. ugh! But no surgery, yippee! An answered prayer!! Thank you God!!

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Lannette Burlingame said...

I'm soooo happy for you guys! This is really happening!!! What a blessing! I want you to keep me updated on how the adoption process works...who knows... someday Mike and I might find a little Moldovan boy we want to bring home.:)

I am so excited about your cake business too!!!! I can't wait to see Mackenzie's luau cake! It is going to be wonderful!!!! I have been showing pics of your cake to everyone I know and telling them about where the proceeds are going!!!! Is it ok for me to give your cell# to cake customers?

OK...I guess that I will forgive you for posting the lovely picture of me doing the chicken dance at the PTO meeting! LOL! We totally should have gotten a day off work or something for that public humilitation! LOL!:)

Love Ya! Lannette:)