Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How's the adoption going?

This is the common question in our lives right now, along with what kind of timeline? I think the adoption process is going along at a nice pace, not fast enough for me but a nice pace. We have our documents. We've both been fingerprinted and I plan to mail those off tomorrow as I left Jeff's at home. I made a doctor appointment for my medical and actually got in for this afternoon. Have to get checked for all of the fun diseases again, HIV, Hep A or B-i forget which one, probably both, check for drugs, all of that stuff. We may have contracted those since we adopted Jenna you know. Actually that is stated with a sense of humor not anger. Once Bernadette comes to do the homestudy she said it will take her about 2 weeks, not the 3 months that a lot of social workers take, to write the homestudy. Once completed, I will then send an original copy of the homestudy along with specific documents plus a nice little chunk of money to USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). I believe at that point it could be up to 3 months before our approval to adopt internationally is sent to us. I'm confusing myself now without my paperwork beside me, but during that time, I believe our dossier will be sent to Congo and we will await our referral. Once we are DTC (Dossier To Congo), I believe it will be about a 6-12 month wait. I'm thinking maybe a little quicker since we are specifying a little older child and Jilma has indicated there are quite a few young children. I could be totally wrong on this however. I am feeling anxious again. Carrie just emailed me that another couple just got a referral for an 18-month old little boy and I'm dying to see his picture. She was going to ask them if she could send it to me. That's where the anxiety comes in. I love reading about all of this but I'm ready to be done with the paperwork and waiting. Of course, then we know I'd be complaining about waiting by that point. haha. So that's how things are going and where we are for now.

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Carrie said...

Waiting time is going to whiz by, especially compared to the wait for Jenna. The hardest part will be knowing exactly who Cassie is and not being able to rush over and bring her home! But remember that Brian, Grace, Haven, and I are all praying for your wonderful family!!! God will bring Cassie home as soon as he can because he knows what an amazing life you will be able to give her!