Friday, June 12, 2009

Picture Posting

Pictures of a couple of cakes and a few at Seaworld. My memory card filled up so I'm waiting for my friends to email me pictures. hint, hint. :) We have all of our papework completed for Cassie and State fingerprints completed. We have a couple of more references to obtain and then I believe Bernadette will be coming to conduct our homestudy. There are a few months of waiting coming up so I'm really trying to hurry this part along!

End of the day at Sea World.

Tess, Jaelynn, and Jenna

The kids were feeding a squirrel that came right up to them.

You can see Cade's cracker the squirrel snagged and took off up the tree.

Jake and Cade enjoying the sharks!!

Jellyfish-just thought the picture turned out cool.

L-R: Emmy, Kate, Tess, Jenna, Jaelynn, Jolie, Jake and Cade

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Jennifer said...

OH SO very CUTE!!!! I will get those too you very soon. Sorry. ;)