Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm still here! Let's catch up!

Having fun on the slip and slide
Chillin' in Jenna's pool

Oh my, how I love this boy!

Having fun with each other

um, Daddy, that's Jenna's pool! And you're about to be told about it!

Oh my, how I love this girl!

She absolutely adores her big brother. There is nothing like it!

I've been gone awhile-sorry to those who like to read this!! I was attacked by a monster virus, strep throat and double ear infection all at once that put me out of commission for quite some time. Then Cade of all people caught my virus but not the rest of what I had. Thankfully, Jeff and Jenna stayed healthy. But all of that knocked me out for a couple of weeks-ugh!

Cade and I leave Thursday for church camp. It's his first year and I get to be a camp counselor so I'm pretty excited about that. We have 42 kiddos going with us. Cade gets to go on another big adventure the first week in August. He'll be flying with Jeff's parents and his cousins Keegan and Hannah to the great-grandparents farm in North Dakota. He is very excited, well, that doesn't even accurately describe it. ha. Now, Cade's parents, well, he's never been away from both of them for that long but they know he's going to have such fun so they'll deal with it!

Jenna is doing fantastic. She's still potty training. I'm of the attitude that it'll happen when it happens and it's probably a good thing the daycare is potty training or I would not feel compelled to do what I do at home! She is so stinkin' cute and sweet! When one of us is acting funny to her she'll say, "Cade's Siwwee" or "Daddy's Siwwee" (as in Cade's Silly) or when you're tickling her and she'll stay "dop it!" or when you bump heads and she says, "sowwee"-it's the cutest. I'm biased, I know. She's getting more into walking and holding hands than being carried. But don't get me wrong, the girl still loves to be carried everywhere too. She dotes on Cade and he is really good with her for awhile then he turns into the typical brother trying to antagonize her-ugh-it drives us crazy sometimes.

Our adoption seems to have slowed down but only because of me. I seemed to have gotten bogged down in sickness and work. But I've sent some more paperwork off today so I'm feeling pretty good. Hopefully will be sending the social worker's contract and money tomorrow. I've seen a couple of referrals come through and for boys-my goodness! And they were young, young. You know, I can't explain the feeling I get when thinking about all of this paperwork, but it's almost overwhelming and unexciting. Yet when I read Carrie and Brian's blog or some of the other's, I almost can't contain the excitement of wanting to see my next daughter's sweet little face. Does that sound crazy? Can I just skip this part and just fly to Africa, please?

I raised $60.00 in June with cake orders and I have a few more in July. I need to figure how to put the cost of everything on the side like I see on some blogs so you can see what's going on expense wise in our adoption. Why? Some people are curious who might like to adopt one day. It also explains where the money goes because I can never remember all of the places.

Enjoy the pictures! PS-If you click on the picture it will enlarge and you can see their faces better.


Carrie said...

I was starting to really worry about you. No posts for 2 weeks!!! Are you going to be able to me the LNI reunion. If not, we may just have to drive up to you house and camp in your front yard. Talk to you soon.

Carrie said...

I guess I should proofread my posts. That should be "make" the reunion, not "me" it. I am distracted by the scent of Grace's diaper. Gotta go!