Monday, July 27, 2009

We need your prayers

I don't have any updates on Cassie but at some point I think I started worrying a little. I've been warned things move slowly there. But I think some extra prayers would not hurt anything. We haven't heard back on Cassie's test results. I'm hoping today is the day and I'll be calling Jilma tonight. The attorney was supposed to go to the hospital today to check on the results or the status of the testing. I don't want to think anything is wrong and I don't want to think about what happens if something is. So please pray, this Cassie, our Cassie is the one God has planned for us.


Megan said...

We are definately praying for you, for patience and peace. And also praying for little Cassie and her test results. Please keep us posted. We'll keep our fingers crossed that you get some news soon!

cami said...

Oh, we'll be thinking of you and little Cassie today! I hope you hear the results soon!