Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One step closer...

Got home today and in the mail was our clearance on the CPS central registry. Yea!!! That's one of the documents we were waiting on from Austin. Now we just need the fingerprint clearance which is what I overnighted yesterday.

It's really different this time because we have a referral in hand and at the end of the process, we get to head to Africa. No waiting for a referral. So each step completed is VERY exciting! I'm just ready to get our I-600A sent off to the USCIS. Then we just wait in eager anticipation for our government to approve us to adopt another child.

Jenna is still doing great in her "big girl bed" so that rite of passage is complete. She hasn't had a potty accident at daycare in days and Ms. R. even kept her in her panties at nap today.

That's all of my news! But isn't it great????


Carrie said...

The document news is good, but napping in big girl panties is extraordinary!!!

Elissa said...

Hey, I just mailed off my fingerprints to DPS for the criminal background check. Do you remember how long it took yours to arrive? We are in week 2 waiting for our I-171 so I'm hoping they both come at the same time so we can send our dossier to Nepal!