Monday, August 10, 2009

Adoption stuff

Our state fingerprint clearances came in FINALLY! So I'm mailing those off to Bernadette so she can put the dates in our homestudy and we will be done with that! yea. Then we'll mail it in with our I-600a application and then...........we wait. Exciting, huh?

We had our garage sale this weekend and we made over $700.00 for our adoption!!!! I can't believe it!! This will cover our application fee (unless it's gone up astronomically) to the USCIS. I'm so excited!

Cade is still in North Dakota and having a grand time! He flies back to Houston tomorrow and gets in around 10:30pm. If he is okay, I think we'll just wait to go until this weekend since we're going anyway for the Los Nino's reunion. If not, then one of us will go get him Wednesday.

Jenna is doing really good with the potty training. She tells me when she needs to potty-so that's a huge step! Except for pooping-ugh!!! Girl will only go in her panties or pull-ups then tell you! little toot!

I'm thinking about getting on facebook. A lot of my friends are on there so I'm thinking about it so I can keep up with them better. How am I ever going to have time to do both?


Elissa said...

facebook is fun and doesn't have to take that much time :)

Quick question-- how long did your state fingerprint clearance take? We just sent ours off to Austin last week and I'm hoping it doesn't take forever!

Lauree said...

Elissa, If you don't mess up anything, like forgetting a signature, then less than 30 days. Not too bad!