Thursday, August 13, 2009

Missing my boy and the terrible two's

Cade made it to Kingwood and is staying at Aunt Pam's. We'll go on Friday night. I'm so excited. Especially about seeing Cade but I'm really excited about meeting up with the Wood's and Apger's. And the Ford's as well. They have 3 kids from Ukraine.

Then next week we'll be getting into our nightly routine in preparation of school starting on the 24th. Ugh. I do not like that morning routine.

Jenna is flat out in the middle of the terrible two's. She tells us "no" quite often. But what I've run into lately that I find I don't have the patience for and really don't have the time for is when I'm getting her dressed she fights me and says "no" and wiggles, kicks, pushes, to get free and flips over-whatever she can do to get her way and not get dressed right then. This poses a real problem when I'm trying to get to work because it is very time consuming. Any suggestions out there???? Please???? Cade was so easy. I didn't have this problem. She's also starting trying to hit when she gets mad-ugh. Not sure what to do about that. Time outs? But is that so good with adopted children? Or maybe a time out where she can still see me? Or should I do a time In? I have done that before when she was in melt down mode. I don't know what to do........

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cami said...

You have a lot going on right now! The terrible twos hit us at age 3 instead of 2, but it's no fun, that's for sure! Hope all the upcoming travel goes well, that's going to be exciting to meet up with so many friends!

The school routine... that's a tricky time, isn't it? I always tell friends and family not to call me until after 9 am unless there's an emergency. I can't ever handle more than what's already going on during school day mornings!

Maybe what you need is a referral for your baby girl! Hope that comes SOON! :)