Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mugshot Monday (a day late!)

The Yesteryear event was this past weekend and it was busy, busy! I'm glad it's over. Cade left with Jeff's parents and cousins, Keegan and Hannah, on Sunday because he is going to North Dakota with them to see the great-grandparents. They left this morning and are in the air now. Should land in Fargo around lunch. They'll stay there a week and if he's not crazy homesick then when he gets back to Kingwood on Tuesday night, he'll just stay at Aunt Pam's until we come on Friday for the last Los Nino's reunion that weekend. We also will get to visit with Carrie and Brian (and kids), and Deb and Jim (and kids), so we're really excited about that.

We still don't know anything on little Cassie. But Jilma and I have been emailing this morning and she emailed Pastor Loma and will call him a little later. I really hope he has something good to report!

We're having our garage sale this weekend to raise more money for our adoption. I'm excited. Hopefully the weather will be nice (hot though!!) and people will like what we have. We're working with 3 other families also so it should be a good one!

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Stori said...

Cade and Jenna dancing together is so adorable! I remember those days when my two would dance together. Now that they are all grown up (or so they think) at 7 and 9 years old, they think it's gross!