Monday, September 21, 2009

Cassie Update.

Jeff and I got an email from Jilma over the weekend that said the DRC attorney reported the court proceedings were moving along very well. What wonderful news. Please keep praying that God will cover our adoption in blessings-there are also 3 other families that I'm aware of adopting from DRC that we need need to keep praying for as well. Hopefully there are more but I just don't know.

Jeff and I have decided that he will remain here with the kids and continue to work while I travel to Congo to bring our little Cassie home. We think this will be the best way for this adoption. That's it for now.....


Stori said...

Just to make your heart smile, I know of two other families in different stages of the adoption process from the DRC. I also have another contact that I believe will be contacting Jilma soon. One child at a time : )

Lauree said...

yea Stori! That does make my heart smile. One child at a time! Thanks for the info!