Thursday, September 17, 2009

Court Proceedings

indeed have begun. We finished some forms and emailed them to Jilma last night. You were right Carrie, that's why we were choosing a middle name. So, Carrie, what's in store now?

And to answer the question I know you all must be thinking, she has not left the orphanage yet at this time.

Please continue to pray that things will fall into place with the paperwork and the trip.

Jamila is pronounced: Jah-mee-lah


Carrie said...

From this point on it seemed that Jilma called almost everyday with some news about some new court proceeding. The lawyer must have gone to court a dozen or so times. And then one day Jilma calls out of the blue and says "oh by the way, Cassie is now legally yours". I just about fell out of my chair that day. But really it will all happen so much faster than you will expect. I am so so excited for you guys. Do you have an approximate travel timeline??

Lauree said...

No approximate time frame at this point. Jilma and I have emailed back and forth about the slowness of everything but hopefully USCIS will move along swiftly since we're doing the 1600a and not the I800-one can hope. Seems the people are taking awhile to issue their invites to come to Congo right now-ugh! But Jilma will be going to bat for us when she travels with Stori and Jamey-yea!